These two variations of a Lino Print were created for Triptych, an Alternative Rock band from Glasgow, for their joint singles 'I Made Too Much Pasta' and 'Dying Alone'. The singles were released in 2021, but later removed when the band signed to Grunge Pop. Triptych wanted a low-fi, handmade aesthetic to complement the self-recorded singles.
I also hand-printed a small batch of T-Shirts for the release of the singles.
This Woodcut print was adapted to be used as artwork for Triptych's single 'You Say Jump, I Say How High', released in 2019. The original is a one-off print that was made during a reduction print process. The print itself is inspired by the window frame from one of the band members' bedroom.
This print was also adapted for a run of T-Shirts and cassette tapes for the single's release.
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